The changes in the specific radioactivities of the pool of total acid-soluble uridine nucleotides and of uridine and cytidine components of total cellular and nuclear RNA were monitored in regenerating rat liver for 12 days after partial hepatectomy. Evidence is presented for the re-utilization of pyrimidine nucleotides derived from cytoplasmic RNA degradation for the synthesis of new RNA. The extent of recycling was assessed and the true rate of rRNA turnover determined more accurately. The reutilization of the uridine components of RNA was 7.0%/day during the proliferative and 3.2%/day during the post-proliferative phase, whereas that of the cytidine nucleotides was more pronounced (9.6%/day and 18.1%/day respectively). The results reveal the existence of partial compartmentalization of pyrimidine ribonucleoside triphosphate pools in the nucleus and cytoplasm of rat liver cells.

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