Strain N.C.Y.C. 193 of Candida utilis was grown aerobically at 30 degrees C with nitrate as limiting nutrient in a chemostat. The washed yeast cells depleted of ATP absorbed up to 5 nmol of nitrate/mg dry wt. of yeast. At pH 4-6, extra protons and nitrate entered the yeast cells together, in a ratio of about 2:1. Charge balance was maintained by an outflow of about 1 equiv. of K+. Nitrate stimulated the uptake of about 1 proton equivalent during glycolysis or aerobic energy metabolism. Studies with 3,3′-dipropylthiadicarbocyanine indicated that the proton-linked absorption of nitrate, amino acids or glucose depolarized the yeast cells. Proton uptake along with lactate led neither to net expulsion of K+ nor to membrane depolarization.

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