Both endopeptidase-24.11 and peptidyl dipeptidase A have previously been shown to hydrolyse the neuropeptide substance P. The structurally related peptide neurokinin A is also shown to be hydrolysed by pig kidney endopeptidase-24.11. The identified products indicated hydrolysis at two sites, Ser5-Phe6 and Gly8-Leu9, consistent with the known specificity of the enzyme. The pattern of hydrolysis of neurokinin A by synaptic membranes prepared from pig striatum was similar to that observed with purified endopeptidase-24.11, and hydrolysis was substantially abolished by the selective inhibitor phosphoramidon. Peptidyl dipeptidase A purified from pig kidney was shown to hydrolyse substance P but not neurokinin A. It is concluded that endopeptidase-24.11 has the general capacity to hydrolyse and inactivate the family of tachykinin peptides, including substance P and neurokinin A.

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