Adenylate cyclase activity associated with Trypanosoma cruzi sedimentable fractions was solubilized by treatment with the non-ionic detergent Lubrol PX and 0.5 M-(NH4)2SO4. The following hydrodynamic and molecular parameters were established for a partially purified enzyme-detergent complex: sedimentation coefficient 6.2 S; Stokes radius 5.65 nm; partial specific volume 0.83 ml/g; Mr 244 000; frictional ratio 1.33. A Mr of about 124 000 was calculated for the detergent-free protein from these parameters. The pI of this enzyme activity was 6.2. A monoclonal antibody to T. cruzi adenylate cyclase was obtained, which inhibited cyclase activities from several lower eukaryotic organisms. The T. cruzi adenylate cyclase was further purified by using this antibody in immunoaffinity chromatographic columns. Fractions obtained after this chromatography showed, on SDS/polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis, a main polypeptide band with an apparent Mr of about 56 000, which specifically reacted with the monoclonal antibody.

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