The synthesis rates of different myosin isoenzymes in a single muscle, and of the same isoenzymes in different muscles (soleus, masseter and plantaris), were measured. The rate of total protein synthesis was significantly higher in the soleus [greater than 95% slow myosin (SM)] than in the plantaris [greater than 95% fast myosin (FM)]. Two fast isoenzymes, FM2 and FM3, were synthesized at different rates in the masseter, and SM was synthesized at a faster rate than FM. Intermediate myosin had a synthesis rate similar to that of FM. There was a small but significant difference between the synthesis rates of the SM isoenzymes of the soleus and masseter muscles. FM3 was synthesized faster in the masseter than in the plantaris, whereas FM2 was synthesized faster in the plantaris than in the masseter.

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