We have used an integrated rate equation to analyse the reaction catalysed by the inducible arginine decarboxylase from Escherichia coli B. The stoichiometry Arginine—agmatine + CO2 is the simplest of the multiple-substrate/multiple-product cases. Twenty-one time courses were carried out at various initial concentrations of arginine and agmatine, and were then fitted to the integrated equation by using appropriate analytical procedures. Values were obtained for six of the seven possible kinetic constants, corresponding to kcat, KArg, the terms for competitive inhibition by agmatine, by CO2 and by agmatine and CO2 together, and the term for uncompetitive inhibition by agmatine. The uncompetitive constant for CO2 was indeterminate. Our results indicate that it is both practical and experimentally economical to obtain kinetic constants from full time courses.

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