Antizyme inhibitor was highly purified from rat liver by using affinity chromatography. It has some structural resemblance to ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), as judged from Mr, immunoreactivity and reversible binding with antizyme. However, unlike hepatic amounts of ODC and ODC-antizyme complex, that of antizyme inhibitor did not show much fluctuation upon putrescine treatment, whereas it decreased as rapidly as ODC decay in the presence of cycloheximide. These results suggested that antizyme inhibitor is an independent regulatory protein rather than a derivative of ODC. Changes in hepatic amounts of antizyme inhibitor, antizyme and ODC upon feeding suggested that antizyme inhibitor may play a role in ODC regulation by trapping antizyme and thereby suppressing ODC degradation. A monoclonal antibody to rat liver antizyme inhibitor was obtained. This antibody was shown to be utilizable for a simple assay of antizyme-inhibitor activity in tissue extracts.

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