I present the first clear evidence that the protein: FAD ratio in human monoamine oxidase A and bovine monoamine oxidase B has an upper limit of 65 kDa and 57 kDa per FAD, respectively. To now it had been assumed that the protein: FAD ratio was 100-120 kDa to 1 FAD and that there was one FAD per two subunits which were assumed to be of the same size. For the present work the purity of monoamine oxidase A and monoamine oxidase B was improved over that previously achieved. Protein was determined by quantitative amino acid analysis and FAD content was measured by spectrophotometric titration of SDS-denatured enzyme with NaS2O4 standardized against riboflavin. The cause of the previous misassignment of the protein: FAD ratio was judged as having been due to the use of impure enzyme preparations. Knowledge of the correct protein: FAD ratio is important in devising cloning strategies for this enzyme, in understanding its structure, function, mechanism, and in the studies of its biosynthesis.

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