AIF4- inhibits the (Ca2+ + Mg2+)-ATPase activity of the plasma-membrane and the sarcoplasmic-reticulum Ca2+-transport ATPase [Missiaen, Wuytack, De Smedt, Vrolix & Casteels (1988) Biochem. J. 253, 827-833]. The aim of the present work was to investigate this inhibition further. We now report that AIF4- inhibits not only the (Ca2+ + Mg2+)-ATPase activity, but also the ATP-dependent 45Ca2+ transport, and the formation of the phosphoprotein intermediate by these pumps. Mg2+ potentiated the effect of AIF4-, whereas K+ had no such effect. The plasma-membrane Ca2+-transport ATPase from erythrocytes was 20 times less sensitive to inhibition by AIF4- as compared with the Ca2+-transport ATPase from smooth muscle. The endoplasmic-reticulum Ca2+-transport ATPase from smooth muscle was inhibited to a greater extent than the sarcoplasmic-reticulum Ca2+-transport ATPase of slow and fast skeletal muscle.

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