The enzyme 4-ethylphenol methylenehydroxylase was purified from Pseudomonas putida JD1 grown on 4-ethylphenol. It is a flavocytochrome c for which the Mr was found to be 120,000 by ultracentrifuging and 126,000 by gel filtration. The enzyme consists of two flavoprotein subunits each of Mr 50,000 and two cytochrome c subunits each of Mr 10,000. The redox potential of the cytochrome is 240 mV. Hydroxylation proceeds by dehydrogenation and hydration to give 1-(4′-hydroxyphenyl)ethanol, which is also dehydrogenated by the same enzyme to 4-hydroxyacetophenone. The enzyme will hydroxylate p-cresol but is more active with alkylphenols with longer-chain alkyl groups. It is located in the periplasm of the bacterium.

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