Highly purified nuclei were prepared from livers and kidneys of rats undergoing compensatory hepatic or renal growth, the former being predominantly by cellular proliferation, and the latter mostly by cellular enlargement. In liver, an increase in nuclear diacylglycerol (DAG) concentration occurred between 16 and 30 h, peaking at around 20 h. At the peak of nuclear DAG production a specific translocation of protein kinase C to the nucleus could be detected; no such changes occurred in kidney. There was no detectable change in whole-cell DAG levels in liver, and the increase in DAG was only measurable in nuclei freed of their nuclear membrane. Overall, these results suggest that there is a stimulation of intranuclear DAG production, possibly through the activation of an inositide cycle [Divecha, Banfić and Irvine (1991) EMBO J. 10, 3207-3214] during cell proliferation in vivo.

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