The 49 kDa penicillin-binding protein (PBP) of Mycobacterium smegmatis catalyses the hydrolysis of the peptide or S-ester bond of carbonyl donors R1-CONH-CHR2-COX-CHR3-COO- (where X is NH or S). In the presence of a suitable amino acceptor, the reaction partitions between the transpeptidation and hydrolysis pathways, with the amino acceptor behaving as a simple alternative nucleophile at the level of the acyl-enzyme. By virtue of its N-terminal sequence similarity, the 49 kDa PBP represents one of the class of monofunctional low-molecular-mass PBPs. An immunologically related protein of Mr 52000 is present in M. tuberculosis. The 49 kDa PBP is sensitive towards amoxycillin, imipenem, flomoxef and cefoxitin.

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