The protein composition and structure of nuclear matrices isolated from adult chicken immature and mature erythrocytes were analysed. Visualization of nuclear matrices by electron microscopy showed that immature-erythrocyte nuclear matrices had internal structures, while most mature-erythrocyte nuclear matrices did not. Both mature- and immature-erythrocyte nuclear matrices were surrounded by a fibrous network of intermediate filaments. Two-dimensional gel electrophoretic analysis of proteins obtained from fractionated nuclear matrices led to the assignment of the proteins as components of the nuclear pore-lamina, internal matrix, or cytoskeleton. Common and different proteins belonging to one of the three groups were identified in nuclear matrices of immature and mature erythrocytes. Investigation of the partitioning of histone deacetylase activity, an enzyme associated with the internal matrix, among the erythroid nuclear matrix fractions provided evidence that mature- and immature-erythrocyte nuclear matrices have internal structures. However, the activity of histone deacetylase and level of internal matrix proteins from mature-erythrocyte nuclear matrices were less than those from immature-erythrocyte matrices. The low levels of nuclear RNA and internal matrix proteins may account for lack of visual evidence for an internal matrix in mature erythrocytes.

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