A cDNA encoding alpha-class glutathione S-transferase Yc (GSTYc) has been isolated from a Syrian hamster kidney library, and its nucleotide sequence (968 bp) has been determined. Analysis of the deduced amino acid sequence revealed a high level of identity between Syrian hamster GSTYc, rat GST Yc1 and Yc2 and mouse GSTYc. Northern-blot experiments demonstrated that Syrian hamster GSTYc expression is tissue-specific. A GSTYc mRNA of approx. 1 kb is expressed in liver, kidney, vas deferens and epididymis. Expression of the GSTYc transcript was not detected in testis or uterus.

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Author notes

The Syrian hamster GSTYc cDNA sequence data reported have been submitted to the EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Databases under the accession number Y09083.