An acidic peroxidase (EC produced by cell suspension cultures of Cassia didymobotrya(wild senna) was purified from culture medium collected on the 29th day. The enzyme was shown to be a glycoprotein with a pI of 3.5, a molecular mass of approx. 43 kDa by SDS/PAGE and 50 kDa by gel filtration. The N-terminal sequence was very similar to those of other plant peroxidases. The peroxidase was characterized by a high specificity towards coniferyl alcohol and other natural phenolics such as guaiacol and ferulic and caffeic acids. These findings suggest that the enzyme is involved in lignification processes of the cell wall. Moreover, the enzyme was able to catalyse the oxidation of 4,3´,4´-trihydroxychalcone and 4,3´,4´-trihydroxy-3-methoxychalcone to the corresponding 3,3´-biflavanones, as mixtures of racemic and mesoforms.

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This is no. 8 in the series. No. 7 is Botta, B., Delle Monache, G., Ricciardi, P., Vitali, A., Vinciguerra, V., Misiti, D., Kutney, J. P. and Stoynov, N. (1996) Heterocycles 43, 2443–2456.