Volume 405 (2007), pp. 379–395

During the production process, the term ‘polymorphonuclear neutrophil’ was abbreviated incorrectly as PMNN; the correct abbreviation is PMN.

During the production process, the spelling of the term ‘arachidonate’ was altered in the caption for Figure 5. The correct spelling and the complete caption appear here:

Reorganization includes translocation of cPLA2α and 5-LO to the perinuclear region, where FLAP and LTC4-S also reside, as a result of elevation of [Ca2+]i. In some cells, 5-LO and LTA4-H are found within the nucleoplasm. In the case of 5-LO, evidence suggests that phosphorylation of Ser271 is required for nucleoplasmic location [165]. Elevation of [Ca2+]i causes translocation to the inner envelope of the dual nuclear bilayer. After conversion of released arachidonate (AA) into LTA4, LTB4 and LTC4 are then synthesized and exit the cell. An animated version of this Figure can be seen at http://www.BiochemJ.org/bj/405/0379/bj4050379add.htm.