Biochem. J.433 (2), 323–332

A reader has contacted the Biochemical Journal Editorial Board to draw attention to a concern regarding one of the Supplementary Figures in this article. The concern raised is regarding Supplementary Figure 2 and the authors have acknowledged that the same image has been used twice in Supplementary Figure 2 Aβ40-sulfone by mistake. The authors have provided a corrected Supplementary Figure 2, this correction does not impact the main conclusion of the paper.

Figure S2 Morphology of native and oxidized A β analogues

Aβ analogues were incubated in DMEM at 37°C, and aliquots were spotted on to glow-discharged, carbon-coated grids, stained with 1% uranyl acetate, and examined by electron microscopy. Medium alone also was imaged as a negative control. Scale bars are 100 nm. Each image is representative of three independent experiments.