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Biochemical Journal and Biochemical Society Transactions joint themed collection open for submissions


We are delighted to announce a new epigenetics special collection, co-hosted by the Biochemical Journal and Biochemical Society Transactions.  This special collection will be guest edited by expert Associate Editors across both journals. It will be broad in scope, featuring cutting-edge review articles from leading researchers in the field as well as research that highlights the molecular mechanisms underpinning key epigenetic processes. The special collection will be dedicated to the late David Allis, a key pioneer and luminary in the field of chromatin biology and a beloved colleague and mentor to many.

Epigenetics is the study of alterations to the genome and cellular function that do not involve alterations to the underlying DNA sequence. Epigenetic regulators act in concert to switch gene expression ‘on’ and ‘off’ and to enforce gene expression patterns; this is achieved by changing the accessibility of DNA to the transcription machinery both by altering the DNA itself through chemical modification and by remodelling chromatin structure through histone modification and other post translational modifications. Finely tuned spatial and temporal modulation of these alterations – and their detection – plays a crucial role in defining the epigenetic landscape. Dysregulation of these process underlies a host of human diseases, including autoimmune and developmental abnormalities, neurological disorders, and cancer. Understanding the molecular mechanisms and functional roles of processes in epigenetic control is therefore essential not only for elucidating the basic principles of epigenetic regulation, but also for revealing the etiology of epimutation-induced human diseases.

We welcome you to submit a pre-submission enquiry form about your latest work within the field of epigenetics and are interested in receiving mechanistic research and comprehensive reviews in Biochemical Journal, and mini-reviews highlighting the latest developments in Biochemical Society Transactions.

This Biochemical Journal and Biochemical Society Transactions joint collection will be Guest Edited by:

Professor Marnie Blewitt, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute 
Professor Tatiana Kutateladze, University of Colorado 
Professor Ben Black, University of Pennsylvania 
Dr Andrew Holding, University of York

If you are interested in submitting your work to this new collection, please contact our Editorial Office for more information, or submit your pre-submission enquiry form here: 

Submit your proposal here> 
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