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Themed collection on Cell Death and Survival – open for research submissions

Cell death pathways play essential roles in health and disease in eukaryotes, from important roles in governing development of multicellular organisms and innate immunity in their health to oncogenesis and inflammation in disease. Our molecular level understanding of these pathways, how they are regulated, their cues and effectors, the interplay between these pathways, and pathway deregulation in disease, is still emerging.

This collection on cell death is co-hosted by the Biochemical Journal and Biochemical Society Transactions and guest edited by Dr James Murphy (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute).

Review articles from leading researchers and experts in the field will be invited to both journals. We welcome research submissions tackling mechanistic, structural, biochemical, cell biology and animal model aspects of regulated cell death pathways, including apoptosis, necroptosis, NETosis, pyroptosis, ferroptosis, and autophagic cell death. All submissions will be subject to the standard peer review process. 

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