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Biochem J (2012) 441 (3): 869–880.
Published: 16 January 2012
...Erik L. Anderson; Michael J. Hamann Rho GTPases regulate the assembly of cellular actin structures and are activated by GEFs (guanine-nucleotide-exchange factors) and rendered inactive by GAPs (GTPase-activating proteins). Using the Rho GTPases Cdc42, Rac1 and RhoA, and the GTPase-binding portions...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biochem J (2010) 426 (3): 243–253.
Published: 24 February 2010
.... The Rho family of GTPases is present in all eukaryotic cells, from yeast to mammals, and their role as key regulators in the signalling pathways that control actin organization and morphogenetic processes is well known. In the present review we will discuss the role of Rho GTPases as regulators of...
Includes: Multimedia, Supplementary data
Biochem J (2009) 419 (1): 141–148.
Published: 13 March 2009
...Amber L. Couzens; Vivian Saridakis; Michael P. Scheid ROCK (Rho-associated coiled-coil kinase) 2 is a member of the AGC kinase family that plays an essential role downstream of Rho in actin cytoskeleton assembly and contractility. The process of ROCK2 activation is complex and requires suppression...
Biochem J (2006) 400 (3): 563–572.
Published: 28 November 2006
...Mark A. Baumeister; Kent L. Rossman; John Sondek; Mark A. Lemmon Dbl family GEFs (guanine nucleotide-exchange factors) for the Rho GTPases almost invariably contain a PH (pleckstrin homology) domain adjacent to their DH (Dbl homology) domain. The DH domain is responsible for GEF activity, and the...
Biochem J (2006) 400 (1): 127–134.
Published: 27 October 2006
... by secreted ADP. The G 12/13 -mediated Rho/Rho-kinase pathway was also increased by low doses of U46619; however, this pathway was not upstream of tyrosine phosphorylation, because this occurred in the presence of the Rho-kinase inhibitor Y-27632. Although low doses of U46619 or adrenaline alone were...
Biochem J (2006) 394 (3): 581–592.
Published: 24 February 2006
...+ -dependent Rho activation in VSM (vascular smooth muscle), resulting in MP (myosin phosphatase) inhibition through the mechanisms involving Rho kinase-mediated phosphorylation of its regulatory subunit MYPT1. In the present study, we show in de-endothelialized VSM strips that the PI3K (phosphoinositide 3...
Biochem J (2005) 386 (2): 201–214.
Published: 22 February 2005
...Zhou-shen ZHAO; Ed MANSER The Rho GTPases are a family of molecular switches that are critical regulators of signal transduction pathways in eukaryotic cells. They are known principally for their role in regulating the cytoskeleton, and do so by recruiting a variety of downstream effector proteins...
Biochem J (2004) 377 (2): 327–337.
Published: 15 January 2004
...Pontus ASPENSTRÖM; Åsa FRANSSON; Jan SARAS The Rho GTPases are related to the Ras proto-oncogenes and consist of 22 family members. These proteins have important roles in regulating the organization of the actin filament system, and thereby the morphogenesis of vertebrate cells as well as their...
Biochem J (2002) 361 (2): 243–254.
Published: 08 January 2002
...Marie-Annick FORGET; Richard R. DESROSIERS; Denis GINGRAS; Richard BÉLIVEAU The Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor (RhoGDI) regulates the activation—inactivation cycle of Rho small GTPases, such as Cdc42 and RhoA, by extracting them from the membrane. To study the roles of Mg 2+ , phosphatidylinositol...
Biochem J (1999) 340 (2): 365–369.
Published: 25 May 1999
...Junko AOKI; Hironori KATOH; Hidekazu YASUI; Yoshiaki YAMAGUCHI; Kazuhiro NAKAMURA; Hiroshi HASEGAWA; Atsushi ICHIKAWA; Manabu NEGISHI We reported previously that activation of the prostaglandin E receptor EP3 subtype triggered neurite retraction through the small GTPase Rho-, and its target, RhoA...
Biochem J (1999) 339 (1): 87–93.
Published: 25 March 1999
... factor (Arf). However, members of the Rho family and protein kinase C (PKC) have also been reported to activate PLD in various cell systems. We have characterized the stimulation of PLD in HL60 cell membranes by these proteins. The results demonstrate that a considerable proportion of HL60 PLD activity...