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Biochem J (2008) 414 (1): 43–52.
Published: 29 July 2008
... latent and active forms, a greater proportion of NaGSL1 was in intracellular vesicles and the plasma membrane, the latter location being consistent with direct deposition of callose into the wall. N. alata CalS is activated in vitro by the proteolytic enzyme trypsin and the detergent CHAPS...
Includes: Supplementary data
Biochem J (2008) 413 (2): 323–332.
Published: 26 June 2008
.... carboxyatractylate (CAtr) 4-hydroxynonenal (HNE) proton leak rat liver mitochondrion trypsin Excessive ROS (reactive oxygen species) production is deleterious to cells, and is implicated in the aetiology and/or progression of a wide variety of pathologies including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative...
Biochem J (2007) 405 (3): 489–494.
Published: 13 July 2007
... the serine protease trypsin ( k a =1.9×10 5 M −1 ·s −1 ) and also demonstrated measurable inhibition of thrombin ( k a =1.17×10 3 M −1 ·s −1 ) and plasmin ( k a =1.92×10 3 M −1 ·s −1 ). Centerin also bound DNA and unfractionated heparin, although there was no functionally significant impact on the rate...
Biochem J (2004) 379 (3): 697–702.
Published: 01 May 2004
... equation, a novel procedure is developed to evaluate the kinetic parameters of the reaction. As an example of an application of this method, the effects of calcium ions on the autoacatalytic activation of trypsinogen by trypsin is re-examined. The results indicate that the binding affinity for Ca 2+ -bound...