Studying lipase in germinating sunflower seedlings, we looked for an activator of the lipolytic activity. In the presence of 1.25 mM ATP, the enzyme activity increased 2-fold. Lipid-body lipase solubilization was realized using two detergents: Tween 80 and CHAPS. Lipolytic activity was increased 10-fold in the presence of 2% (w/v) CHAPS, showing the probable ‘complexity’ of the enzyme. Looking for the possible lipolytic activity of the 10000g pellet we detected the presence of the enzyme. The pellet extract was mixed, in a range of concentrations, with the oilbody fraction. The resulting lipolytic activity was 4-fold higher. These results give clues as to the subcellular distribution of lipase and its intracellular transport.

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