The calcium-independent receptors for latrotoxin (CIRL1-CIRL3) constitute a family of seven-transmembrane receptors with an unsually large N-terminal extracellular domain which comprises several motifs usually found in cell adhesion molecules. By yeast two-hybrid screening, we have identified the intracellular C-termini of CIRL1 and CIRL2 as interaction partners of the PDZ domain of the proline-rich synapse-associated protein (ProSAP)/somatostatin receptor-interacting protein (SSTRIP) family of postsynaptic proteins (SSTRIP, ProSAP1 and ProSAP2, also known as shank1-shank3 respectively). Overlay assays indicate that the ProSAP1/shank2 PDZ domain in particular interacts strongly with the C-terminus of CIRL1 and CIRL2. Co-immuno-precipitation of ProSAP1 and CIRL1 (but not CIRL2) from rat brain extracts indicates that this interaction also occurs in vivo in rat brain. The known postsynaptic localization of ProSAP1, as well as our observation that CIRL1 (but not CIRL2) is enriched in postsynaptic density preparations from the rat brain, suggests that CIRL1 is localized pre- as well as post-synaptically in the central nervous system.

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