Interestingly, there is a major difference in turnover rate between ornithine decarboxylases (ODCs) from various trypanosomatids. ODCs from Trypanosoma brucei and Leishmania donovani are both stable proteins, whereas ODC from Crithidia fasciculata is a metabolically unstable protein in the parasite. C. fasciculata ODC is also rapidly degraded in mammalian systems, whereas the closely related L. donovani ODC is not. The degradation of C. fasciculata ODC in the mammalian systems is shown to be dependent on a functional 26 S proteasome. However, in contrast to the degradation of mammalian ODC, the degradation of C. fasciculata ODC does not involve antizyme. Instead, it appears the degradation of C. fasciculata ODC may be associated with poly-ubiquitination of the enzyme.

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