Sterol-regulatory-element-binding protein 1c (SREBP-1c) is one member of the family of transcription factors that stimulate sterol and fatty-acid biosynthesis in animal cells. Human SREBP-1c, mapped to chromosome 17p11.2, is expressed in liver, intestine, skeletal muscle and adipocytes. A section of genomic sequence from a chromosome 17 library, thought to contain the SREBP-1c promoter, was cloned. Putative transcription-factor-binding sites and a potential transcriptional start site were identified using the Genomatix Suite of sequence analysis tools (MatInspector®). Sequence analysis showed the human promoter to be 42% identical with the previously published mouse sequence. Two novel transcription-factor-binding sites were identified: those for PDX-1 (pancreatic–duodenal homoeobox-1) and HNF-4 (hepatic nuclear factor-4). Co-transfection experiments with overexpression plasmids for PDX-1 and HNF-4 suggested that both factors stimulate SREBP-1c gene expression, although further work is required to ascertain their mechanisms of action.

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