We have obtained draft genomic sequences of PD (partial denitrificant) and CD (complete denitrificant) strains of Thermus thermophilus. Their genomes are similar in size to that of the aerobic strains sequenced to date and probably contain a similar megaplasmid. In the CD strain, the genes encoding a putative cytochrome cd1 Nir (nitrite reductase) and ancillary proteins were clustered with a cytochrome c-dependent Nor (nitric oxide reductase), and with genes that are probably implicated in their regulation. The Nar (nitrate reductase) and associated genes were also clustered and located 7 kb downstream of the genes coding for the Nir. The whole narnirnor denitrification supercluster was identified as part of a variable region of a megaplasmid. No homologues of NosZ were found despite nitrogen balance supports the idea that such activity actually exists.

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