PP1 (protein phosphatase 1) is an essential serine/threonine phosphatase that plays a critical role in a broad range of biological processes, from muscle contraction to memory formation. PP1 achieves its biological specificity by forming holoenzymes with more than 200 known regulatory proteins. Interestingly, most of these regulatory proteins (≥70%) belong to the class of IDPs (intrinsically disordered proteins). Thus structural studies highlighting the interaction of these IDP regulatory proteins with PP1 are an attractive model system because it allows general parameters for a group of diverse IDPs that interact with the same binding partner to be identified, while also providing fundamental insights into PP1 biology. The present review provides a brief overview of our current understanding of IDP–PP1 interactions, including the importance of pre-formed secondary and tertiary structures for PP1 binding, as well as changes of IDP dynamics upon interacting with PP1.

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