Comprising over 60 members, Rab proteins constitute the largest branch of the Ras superfamily of low-molecular-mass G-proteins. This protein family have been primarily implicated in various aspects of intracellular membrane trafficking processes. On the basis of distinct subfamily-specific sequence motifs, many Rabs have been grouped into subfamilies. The Rab11 GTPase subfamily comprises three members: Rab11a, Rab11b and Rab25/Rab11c, which, between them, have been demonstrated to bind more than 30 proteins. In the present paper, we review the function of the Rab11 subfamily. We describe their localization and primary functional roles within the cell and their implication, to date, in disease processes. We also summarize the protein machinery currently known to regulate or mediate their functions and the cargo molecules which they have been shown to transport.

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