RBFOX2 (RNA-binding protein, Fox-1 homologue 2)/RBM9 (RNA-binding-motif protein 9)/RTA (repressor of tamoxifen action)/HNRBP2 (hexaribonucleotide-binding protein 2) encodes an RNA-binding protein involved in tissue specific alternative splicing regulation and steroid receptors transcriptional activity. Its ability to regulate specific splicing profiles depending on context has been related to different expression levels of the RBFOX2 protein itself and that of other splicing regulatory proteins involved in the shared modulation of specific genes splicing. However, this cannot be the sole explanation as to why RBFOX2 plays a widespread role in numerous cellular mechanisms from development to cell survival dependent on cell/tissue type. RBFOX2 isoforms with altered protein domains exist. In the present article, we describe the main RBFOX2 protein domains, their importance in the context of splicing and transcriptional regulation and we propose that RBFOX2 isoform distribution may play a fundamental role in RBFOX2-specific cellular effects.

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