The tribbles protein family, an evolutionarily conserved group of pseudokinases, have been shown to regulate multiple cellular events including those involved in normal and malignant haematopoiesis. The three mammalian Tribbles homologues, Trib1, Trib2 and Trib3 are characterized by conserved motifs, including a pseudokinase domain and a C-terminal E3 ligase-binding domain. In this review, we focus on the role of Trib (mammalian Tribbles homologues) proteins in mammalian haematopoiesis and leukaemia. The Trib proteins show divergent expression in haematopoietic cells, probably indicating cell-specific functions. The roles of the Trib proteins in oncogenesis are also varied and appear to be tissue-specific. Finally, we discuss the potential mechanisms by which the Trib proteins preferentially regulate these processes in multiple cell types.

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