The universal Kae1 protein and the associated Bud32 kinase (PRPK), a mysterious protein couple probably essential for genome maintenance in Archaea and Eukarya

By Arnaud Hecker, Marc Graille, Edwige Madec, Danièle Gadelle, Eric Le Cam, Herman van Tilbergh and Patrick Forterre

In the Abstract, there was an error in the third sentence from the end. It should read “The structure of the fusion protein from Methanocaldococcus jannaschii revealed that Kae1 maintains the ATP-binding site of Bud32 in an inactive configuration.”

On page 32, the sentence beginning on line 8 of the second column should read: “Although the mechanistic characteristic showed that Kae1 is a class I endonuclease (AP-lyase), Kae1 protein does not seem to be related to the two families of AP endonucleases described previously: the class I family (AP-lyases) with the example of Endo III (endonuclease III) in E. coli and the class II family (true AP-endonucleases) whose prototypes are Exo III (exonuclease III in E. coli, APE1 in humans) and Endo IV (endonuclease IV in E. coli, Apn1 in S. cerevisiae).”