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On 31 January 2020, the Biochemical Society and its publisher, Portland Press, committed to the rapid and open sharing of research data and findings relevant to the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) global pandemic, with the intention of ensuring research findings and data relevant to this outbreak were shared rapidly and openly to help save lives.

Since then, our published articles and new papers relevant to this virus have been available via open access on publication. You can access these via the links below and authors are also encouraged to post submitted versions of articles as preprints.

Note: this collection is frequently updated as new research becomes available.

Special Collection Image
Evangelos D. Karousis
Debjit Khan; Paul L. Fox
Xiyuan Bai; Tony Schountz; Ashley M. Buckle; Janet L. Talbert; Robert A. Sandhaus; Edward D. Chan
Huy-Dung Hoang; Parisa Naeli; Tommy Alain; Seyed Mehdi Jafarnejad
Holly A. Fryer; Gemma E. Hartley; Emily S.J. Edwards; Robyn E. O'Hehir; Menno C. van Zelm
Devanshi Mishra; Chinmoy Sankar Dey
Jiayue-Clara Jiang; Yan Zhang
Zhongyi Wang; Yingying Fu; Zhendong Guo; Jiaming Li; Jingjing Li; Hongliang Cheng; Bing Lu; Qiang Sun
Spencer J. Williams; Ethan D. Goddard-Borger
Z. Beau Reneer; Ted M. Ross
Agnieszka Martyna; Jeremy Rossman
R. Ramajayam; Kian-Pin Tan; Po-Huang Liang
U. Schuklenk; K.M.A. Gartland
F. Dos Ramos; M. Carrasco; T. Doyle; I. Brierley
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