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Keywords: biomolecular interaction
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Biochem Soc Trans (2010) 38 (4): 888–893.
Published: 26 July 2010
... of biomolecular interactions is somewhat naïve. ITC (isothermal titration calorimetry) provides a rapid route to a full thermodynamic characterization of a biomolecular interaction. Armed with these data, what are we really able to understand about complex formation and can any of this information provide...
Biochem Soc Trans (2008) 36 (4): 738–744.
Published: 22 July 2008
... molecules, as well as combinations of ALEX with TIRF (total internal reflection fluorescence) microscopy for studying surface-immobilized molecules. alternating-laser excitation (ALEX) biomolecular interaction fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) protein–DNA interaction single-molecule...
Biochem Soc Trans (2007) 35 (6): 1547–1550.
Published: 23 November 2007
...A. Cooper; D. Cameron; J. Jakus; G.W. Pettigrew It is widely acknowledged, and usually self-evident, that solvent water plays a crucial role in the overall thermodynamics of protein stabilization and biomolecular interactions. Yet we lack experimental techniques that can probe unambiguously...
Biochem Soc Trans (2003) 31 (5): 1052–1057.
Published: 01 October 2003
...S. Allen; S.M. Rigby-Singleton; H. Harris; M.C. Davies; P. O'Shea In recent years, considerable attention has focused upon the biological applications of the atomic force microscope (AFM), and in particular in its ability to explore biomolecular interaction events at the single molecule level...