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Biochem Soc Trans (2021) 49 (5): 1941–1961.
Published: 13 October 2021
...+ cardiac arrhythmia cardiomyocytes skeletal myocytes sodium channels Transmembrane action potential initiation and propagation, mediated by surface membrane Na + channel (Nav) proteins, is strategic to activation in excitable cells, of which skeletal and cardiac myocytes constitute important...
Biochem Soc Trans (2019) 47 (6): 1749–1756.
Published: 26 November 2019
... cAMP cardiac arrhythmia cardiomyocytes molecular scaffolds Finally, a local pool of beta-adrenergic receptor or other Gs-coupled GPCR must be available to activate AC9 within the nanodomain. Whether this is directly coupled to the AKAP scaffold is unclear, but to date there is no evidence...