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Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article September 25 2020
LncRNA HAND2-AS1 inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis of non-small cell lung cancer cells by inactivating PI3K/Akt pathway
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20201870.
Research Article September 25 2020
Pathogenic LRRK2 requires secondary factors to induce cellular toxicity
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20202225.
Research Article September 24 2020
Angiotensin II enhances the proliferation of Natural Killer/T-cell lymphoma cells via activating PI3K/Akt signaling pathway
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20202388.
Research Article September 24 2020
Bioinformatics analysis and experimental validation of TTK as a biomarker for prognosis in non-small cell lung cancer
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20202711.
Research Article September 24 2020
Sinorhizobium meliloti YrbA binds divalent metal cations using two conserved histidines
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20202956.
Research Article September 23 2020
MicroRNA-223 decreases cell proliferation, migration, invasion and enhances cell apoptosis in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia via targeting Forkhead box O1
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200485.
Research Article September 23 2020
Sophoricoside Ameliorates Cardiac Hypertrophy by activating AMPK/mTORC1-mediated autophagy
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200661.
Research Article September 21 2020
Prognostic value of aberrantly expressed methylation genes in human hepatocellular carcinoma.
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20192593.
Review Article September 21 2020
The interplay of phloem-mobile signals in plant development and stress response
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20193329.
Research Article September 21 2020
Osteoprotegerin SNP associations with coronary artery disease and ischemic stroke risk: a meta-analysis
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20202156.
Research Article September 21 2020
MicroRNA-26a inhibits wound healing through decreased keratinocytes migration by regulating ITGA5 through PI3K/AKT signaling pathway
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20201361.
Research Article September 18 2020
Association between the combined effects of GSTM1 present/null and CYP1A1 MspI polymorphisms and lung cancer risk: an updated meta-analysis
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20202275.
Research Article September 17 2020
Sodium orthovanadate inhibits growth of acute leukemia HL60 cells and HL60/A cells In vitro
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20201918.
Research Article September 16 2020
Atorvastatin improves the cell proliferation and migration in endothelial progenitor cells via miR-221/VEGFA axis
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20193053.
Research Article September 16 2020
Identification and verification of 3 key genes associated with survival and prognosis of COAD patients via integrated bioinformatics analysis
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200141.
Research Article September 16 2020
Association of UGT1A1*6 polymorphism with irinotecan-based chemotherapy reaction in colorectal cancer patients: a systematic review and a meta-analysis
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200576.
Research Article September 16 2020
Long non-coding RNA RP11-284F21.9 functions as a ceRNA regulating PPWD1 by competitively binding to miR-769-3p in cervical carcinoma
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200784.
Research Article September 16 2020
GTF2IRD1 overexpression promotes tumor progression and correlates with less CD8+ T cells infiltration in pancreatic cancer
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20202150.
Research Article September 3 2020
Identification and validation of a prognostic index based on a metabolic-genomic landscape analysis of ovarian cancer
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20201937.
Research Article September 1 2020
Overexpression of microRNA-205-5p exerts suppressive effects on stem cell drug resistance in gallbladder cancer by downregulating PRKCE
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20194509.
Research Article September 1 2020
Metformin inhibits the growth of ovarian cancer cells by promoting the Parkin-induced p53 ubiquitination
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200679.
Research Article August 21 2020
CircTHBS1 targeting miR-211/CCND2 pathway to promote cell proliferation and migration potential in primary cystitis glandularis cells
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20201164.
Research Article August 19 2020
LncRNA TUG1 knockdown mitigates inflammatory injury induced by cigarette smoke extract in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease via miR-34c/BRD4 axis
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20193896.
Research Article August 18 2020
Lipid nanoparticles co-loaded with miRNA-22 and methotrexate for enhanced anti-inflammatory response in rheumatoid arthritis
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20201735.
Research Article August 18 2020
LINC00205 promotes malignancy in lung cancer by recruiting FUS and stabilizing CSDE1
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20190701.
Research Article August 18 2020
LncRNA VPS9D1-AS1 promotes cell proliferation in acute lymphoblastic leukemia through modulating GPX1 expression by miR-491-5p and miR-214-3p evasion
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20193461.
Research Article August 17 2020
Exploring the Mechanism of Radix Rhei Et Rhizome Intervention in Intracerebral Hemorrhage based on Systematic Pharmacology and Proteomics Strategy
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20201910.
Research Article August 3 2020
WITHDRAWN: Supplementation with Fe2+-containing agents mitigated the toxic effect of CoNPs in vascular endothelial cells by inhibiting activation of hypoxia-inducible factor
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20201260.
Research Article July 20 2020
Endostatin attenuates heart failure via inhibiting reactive oxygen species in myocardial infarction rats
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200787.
Research Article June 18 2020
Curcumin against imiquimod-induced psoriasis of mice through IL-6/STAT3 signaling pathway
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20192842.
Research Article June 10 2020
WITHDRAWN: Performance of cartilage cells in different types of mandibular condylar fractures
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20193919.
Research Article May 29 2020
WITHDRAWN: Long intergenic non-coding RNA LINC00662 contributes to malignant growth of colorectal cancer cells by upregulating c-myc via sponging microRNA-145
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200011.
Research Article May 27 2020
WITHDRAWN: SIK2 Promotes Cisplatin Resistance Induced by Aerobic Glycolysis in Breast Cancer Cells through PI3K/AKT/mTOR Signaling Pathway
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20201302.
Research Article May 19 2020
WITHDRAWN: MicroRNA-21 promotes progression of breast cancer via inhibition of mitogen-activated protein kinase10 (MAPK10)
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20181000.
Research Article May 15 2020
WITHDRAWN: Regulation of miR-375 and Sonic hedgehog on vascular endothelial growth factor in preeclampsia rats and its effect on trophoblast cells
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200613.
Research Article May 6 2020
LncRNA EGOT regulates the proliferation and apoptosis of colorectal cancer by miR-33b-5p/CROT axis
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20193893.
Research Article April 29 2020
WITHDRAWN: MiR-760 inhibits the progression of non-small cell lung cancer through blocking ROS1/Ras/Raf/MEK/ERK pathway
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20182483.
Research Article March 27 2020
CTRP3 ameliorates cerulein-induced severe acute pancreatitis in mice via SIRT1/NF-κB/p53 axis
Biosci Rep (2020) BSR20200092.
Research Article December 23 2019
WITHDRAWN: Associations of polymorphisms in CTLA-4 and IL-18 with liver diseases: evidence from a meta-analysis
Biosci Rep (2019) BSR20193518.
Research Article September 20 2019
RETRACTED: MicroRNA-367 promotes progression of hepatocellular carcinoma through PTEN/PI3K/AKT signaling pathway
Biosci Rep (2019) BSR20182466.
Research Article March 25 2019
Prognostic significance of long non-coding RNA DANCR expression in human cancers: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Biosci Rep (2019) BSR20181627.
Research Article October 24 2018
Efficacy and toxicities of combination maintenance therapy in the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Biosci Rep (2018) BSR20180641.
Research Article June 22 2018
Fibroblasts from pBOO promote tumorigenesis by secreting TGFbeta1 to induce EMT in bladder urothelial carcinoma cells
Biosci Rep (2018) BSR20170944.
Research Article May 11 2018
LncRNA PRNCR1 regulates osteogenic differentiation in osteolysis after hip replacement by targeting miR-211-5p
Biosci Rep (2018) BSR20180042.
Research Article February 12 2018
Macrophage-targeting Fasudil treatment protects liver from the ischemia/reperfusion injury by promoting M2 macrophage polarization
Biosci Rep (2018) BSR20171734.
Research Article November 24 2017
WITHDRAWN: Differential molecular signature alterations of RBSP3, LIMD1 and CDC25A in normal oral epithelium during oral tumorigenesis
Biosci Rep (2017)
Research Article November 19 2017
WITHDRAWN: Correlations of CTLA-4 exon-1 rs231775A>G and promoter region rs5742909C>T polymorphisms with the therapeutic efficacy of 131I radionuclide in Graves' disease
Biosci Rep (2017)
Research Article July 11 2016
Comparison of interleukin-10 and interleukin-13 in cord blood of infants born by vaginal delivery and caesarean
Biosci Rep (2016) BSR20160147.
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