The effect of loading renal tubule cells with cystine was studied by incubating them with cystine dimethylester. Proline uptake into brushborder membrane vesicles isolated from the cystine loaded cells was not different from that observed into brushborder vesicles isolated from tubules incubated in buffer alone. Incubating brushborder membranes with 2 mM cystine dimethylester for 10 minutes reduced the uptake of proline by 27% after 15 seconds of incubation and by 21% after 60 seconds of incubation. There was no effect after 20 minutes of incubation. Pre-incubating brushborder membrane vesicles with cystine dimethylester had no statistically significant effect on the affinity of priline for the carrier, but did reduce the maximal rate of proline uptake by 49%.

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