Phorbol dibutyrate (PDBu) binding to rat prostatic epithelial cells has been measured as an indirect determination of protein kinase C in this cell system. Analysis of [3H]PDBu binding using competitive displacement demonstrated a single class of PDBu receptors with a Kd=141 nM and a binding capacity of 4.8 pmol PDBu bound/mg cell protein. Raising cytosolic Ca2+ levels by redistribution of intracellular Ca2+ after cell treatment with carbachol or arachidonic acid (which also affects the bulk biophysical properties of the cell membrane) resulted in up-regulation of the available number of PDBu receptors. These results appear to be a consequence of PKC translocation from the cytosolic compartment to the plasma membrane after a cytosolic Ca2+ increase, confirming previous results in other cell systems.

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