The presence of a folate binding protein of high-affinity type (affinity constant 3.1010M−1, maximum folate binding 1.4 nM) in human semen was demonstrated in equilibrium dialysis experiments (37°C, pH 7.4) with the radioligand3H-folate. Radioligand dissociation from the binding protein was slow at pH 7.4, but rapid at pH 3.5. By use of rabbit antibodies against 25 kDa human milk folate binding protein we determined the concentration of folate binding protein in 16 speciments of human semen in an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The concentration of immunoreactive folate binding protein was independent of the number of spermatozoa in individual specimens. Gel filtration showed that immunoreactive and radioligand bound folate binding protein coeluted in two peaks: a major one of 100 kDa and a minor one of 25 kDa.

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