Alanine and glutamine transport have been studied during red blood cell maturation in the rat. Kinetic parameters of Na+-dependent L-alanine transport were: Km 0.43 and 1.88 mM and Vmax 158 and 45 nmoles/ml ICW/min for reticulocytes and erythrocytes, respectively. During red cell maturation in the rat there is a loss of capacity and affinity of the system ASC for L-alanine transport. The values for Na+-dependent L-glutamine transport in reticulocytes were Km 0.51 mM and Vmax 157 nmoles/ml ICW/min. On the other hand, a total loss of L-glutamine transport mediated by both N and ASC systems is demonstrated in mature red cells. This seems to indicate that during rat red cell maturation the system N disappears. Furthermore, the system ASC specificity in mature cells changes, and glutamine enters the red cell by non-mediated diffusion processes.

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