The influence of lindane (gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane) on fluidity of plasma membranes from rat renal cortical tubules has been investigated. Preincubation with lindane increased membrane fluidity. This effect was accompanied by (i) a decrease in the transport of glucose with regard to the controls and (ii) an inhibition of the β-adrenergic stimulatory activity upon cyclic AMP accumulation. However, a significant decrease of the membrane fluidity was found when rats were injected with lindane for 12 days. The injection of lindane exerted the opposite effect on the membrane proteins, the glucose transporter and the β-adrenergic receptor, enhancing the glucose uptake and increasing the isoproterenol-stimulated cycle AMP accumulation. A possible explanation of the difference could involve a resistance to membrane disordering by lindane through a regulatory mechanism that would balance the activity of many lindane-sensitive proteins in insecticide-injected rats.

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