Cell-swelling, induced by a hyposmotic shock, activates the release of taurine from lactating rat mammary tissue expiants. The degree of stimulation of taurine efflux was dependent upon the extent of cell-swelling. Volume-sensitive taurine release was attenuated by the anion transport inhibitors NPPB, DIOA, DIDS, niflumate, flufenamate, mefenamate and diiodosalicylate but not by salicylate. Cell-swelling, following a hyposmotic challenge, did not increase the unidirectional efflux of radiolabelled I or D-asparate from mammary tissue expiants. The results suggest that although mammary tissue expresses a volume-sensitive amino acid transport system which is inhibited by anion transport blockers the pathway has no identity with volume-activated anion channels.

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