In order to supply a scientific basis for uniting the normal reference value standard of hemoglobin of Chinese older boys. Methods: A research is made about the relationship between the normal reference value of 14751 examples of hemoglobin of older boys and five geographical factors in 92 areas in China, which are determined by the hemoglobincyanide method. Results: It is found that the correlation of geographical factors and the normal reference value of hemoglobin of older boys are quite significant (F = 9.68). By using the method of multiple linear regression analysis, one regression equation is inferred:

Ŷ = 108.0 + 0.003633X1 + 0.003945X2 + 0.1680X3 − 0.6310X4 + 0.005518X5 ± 8.3

Conclusion: If geographical values are obtained in some areas, the normal reference value of hemoglobin of older boys of this area can be reckoned by using the regression equation. Furthermore, the depending on the geographical factors, China can be divided into six districts: Qingzang, Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, North and Northeast district.

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