Multiple blood cell types and metabolic pathways involved in the modulation of platelet reactivity were investigated in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats treated with garlic oil. Platelet counts of diabetic rats treated with garlic oil were significantly (P<0.01) reduced as compared to diabetic control rats. Garlic oil also increased the leucocyte counts of diabetic rats as compared to diabetic control rats. The significant (P<0.001) decreases by garlic oil of plasma concentration factors, V, VII, VIII: C, IX and X in diabetic rats may be interpreted to mean that there was a modulation of factor VII similar to that brought about by thrombin on factors V and VIII: C. This reversal of hypercoagulation through integrated biochemical reaction is suggestive of multicellular modulation of platelet reactivity, erythrocytes and neutrophils and the functional interactions between plasma coagulation factors and platelet cofactors.

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