The thin-layer-chromatography immunostaining procedure was applied to human erythrocyte glycolipids using monoclonal anti-i and anti-I antibodies which are directed against epitopes on linear and branched carbohydrate chains of the neolacto (poly-N-acetyl-lactosamine) series. An examination of native and mild-acid-treated glycolipids from normal adult (Iadult antigen type), neonatal (icord), and I-antigen-deficient adult (iadult) erythrocytes enabled certain structural inferences to be made as follows: (a) cells of both I and i phenotypes contain a multiplicity of glycolipids of the neolacto series whose backbones consist of 8 or more sugar residues; (b) the octasaccharide backbones are predominantly linear in cells of i phenotype and branched in those of I type; and (c) more complex glycolipids having decasaccharide and larger backbones with both linear and branched sequences occur in erythrocytes of both phenotypes, 0

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