Studies were performed to identify in cytoplasmic extracts of Krebs II ascites cells protein kinase activities that might be responsible for the phosphorylation of the ribosomal proteins previously identified as phosphoproteins in these cells in vivo. Column chromatography resolved a casein kinase activity that could use ATP or GTP as a phosphoryl donor to phosphorylate, in ribosomes, exclusively the acidic 60S phosphoprotein(s) phosphorylated in vivo. A second casein kinase fraction could use ATP, only, in a similar reaction, but also contained protein kinase activity with respect to other ribosomal proteins, including the basic ribosomal protein phosphorylated in vivo, ribosomal protein S6. This latter was also among several proteins phosphorylated by an activity in the cyclic AMP-independent histone kinase fraction.

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