Human platelet ionophore release-products (IRP) inhibit the binding of 125I-labelled epidermal growth factor (125I-EGF) to its receptors on Swiss 3T3 cells. The inhibition appears to be caused by platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) in the IRP and results from a decrease in the apparent affinity of cellular receptors for 125I-EGF. However, our results indicate that PDGF does not bind directly to EGF receptors, since (1) PDGF does not down-regulate EGF receptors; (2) the PDGF-mediated inhibition of 125I-EGF binding is temperature-dependent; (3) cells which possess EGF receptors but lack PDGF receptors do not exhibit a PDGF-mediated inhibition of 125I-EGF binding.

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