MTX (mitoxantrone), an anti-tumour antibiotic, is known to cause cell death by intercalating the DNA bases. But how it interferes with the cellular proliferation is not well known. Hence, in the present study, we have tried to evaluate the interaction of this drug using proliferation dynamics to gain a better understanding of MTX's antineoplastic action. Inhibition of proliferation by these drugs was detected by evaluating its effect on cell proliferation and growth curve of the cells. MTX was also found to affect the cell viability and, thereby, cell physiology. Typical apoptotic morphologies such as condensation of nuclei and membrane permeabilization were observed through CLSM (confocal laser scanning microscopy) and fluorescence spectroscopy, which implicates commitment to cell death. Cell-cycle distribution was measured by flow cytometric measurements. The analysis demonstrated significant cell-cycle arrest on MTX treatment. Inhibition of lacZ gene expression was also observed on drug treatment, which implicates its interaction with gene expression.

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