Hepatic hexose transport was characterized using 3-O-methyl-D-glucose, which is not metabolized by the liver. The kinetic parameters determined in the starved state were taken as basal values for the transport system which showed saturation kinetics with high Vmax and Km values of 161 nmol/mg dry wt./rnin and 39 mM respectively. In the fed state, the Vmax was found to be increased nearly two-fold; this may be due to a phenomenon known as trans-stirnulation. The effects of N2-induced anoxia and of KCN were investigated. In the fasted state, anoxia caused the transport characteristics Vmax and Km to decrease nearly two-fold whereas KCN had the opposite effect as the Vmax and Km were increased by three- and two-fold respectively. In the fed state, anoxia and KCN caused a marked decrease in the transport characteristics.

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