The nucleotide sequence of the thioredoxin gene from Escherichia coli was determined. The structural gene was identified on a cloned 3-kb PvuII Iragment by hybridization with a synthetic oligodeoxyribonucleotide corresponding to a part of the amino acid sequence of thioredoxin. Restriction-enzyme fragments were used as templates in the dideoxy sequence method, directly and after subcloning into M13mp8. A segment of 450 nucleotides was determined using both strands7 alternatively, without extensive overlaps. The sequence contains the thioredoxin coding region, a potential ribosome-binding site, and a putative promotor region. The predicted amino acid sequence differs by two inversions from the previously given thioredoxin sequence. The revised sequence is presented and the results further show that thioredoxins from E. coli B and K12 are identical.

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