Noradrenaline caused a prompt but transient increase in the rate of45Ca2+ efflux from isolated rat islets of Langerhans perifused in Ca2+ depleted medium. The response was modest in size and was unaffected by isosmotic replacement of NaCl with choline chloride or by inclusion of 0.5 mM dibutyryl cAMP in the perifusion medium, suggesting that it was not mediated by Na+: Ca2+ exchange nor by lowered cAMP. Despite its effect on45Ca2+ efflux, noradrenaline treatment did not alter the kinetics of45Ca2+ efflux in response to the muscarinic agonist, carbamylcholine, nor did it change the magnitude of the response to this agent. Simultaneous introduction of 20 mM glucose with noradrenaline prevented a rise in45Ca2+ efflux and indeed resulted in inhibition of45Ca2+ efflux. The data suggest that noradrenaline does not directly activate the mechanisms which regulate Ca2+ extrusion from islets cells, and they do not support a primary role for the Ca2+ efflux response in mediating adrenergic inhibition of insulin secretion.

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